NYTimes Paywall

Newspapers Finally Committing to Paywalls

Buried in a Wall Street Journal story about how “‘paywalls aren’t about to reverse publishers’ deteriorating finances” is the fact that paywall success stories are plentiful. The WSJ had a big head start, of course, and is old news. But 80,000 of its 537,000 digital subscribers...
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Blue State Digital

Social Networking? For Raising Money Online, Email is Still the Killer App

I recently heard Thomas Gensemer, Managing Partner of Blue State Digital, speak at a breakfast at the Harvard Club sponsored by Quantum Media. BSD managed Obama’s online fundraising and volunteer efforts. During the off-the-record talk Gensemer repeated what he’s said in...
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Financial Times

The Paper that Doesn’t Want to be Free

In a time of dizzying change, it’s sometimes best to take the stance: “Don’t just do something, stand there.” Those publishers who, from the start, charged their readers for online access to their content now look like geniuses, as this recent article about the Finanicial Times...
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