NYTimes Paywall

Newspapers Finally Committing to Paywalls

Buried in a Wall Street Journal story about how “‘paywalls aren’t about to reverse publishers’ deteriorating finances” is the fact that paywall success stories are plentiful. The WSJ had a big head start, of course, and is old news. But 80,000...
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Blue State Digital

Social Networking? For Raising Money Online, Email is Still the Killer App

I recently heard Thomas Gensemer, Managing Partner of Blue State Digital, speak at a breakfast at the Harvard Club sponsored by Quantum Media. BSD managed Obama’s online fundraising and volunteer efforts. During the off-the-record talk Gensemer...
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Financial Times

The Paper that Doesn’t Want to be Free

In a time of dizzying change, it’s sometimes best to take the stance: “Don’t just do something, stand there.” Those publishers who, from the start, charged their readers for online access to their content now look like geniuses, as this recent...
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