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E – The Environmental Magazine premiered in 1990, several years before Al Gore’s “Earth in the Balance” put the ecological crisis at the top of the public agenda. At the start of the millennium, during the height of the internet bubble, E was one the first publications to put all its content on the web. But ten years later, the magazine’s digital presence was lagging far behind a new wave of well-funded online publishers who were looking to cash in on the boom in green culture and technology.

It was time for a new website. Unfortunately, E’s preference for journalism in the public interest over product placement for green marketers put it at a disadvantage when competing for ad dollars. The budget for a new site was tight. There was also the expense of converting hundreds of legacy articles from the old web database into a new content management system. After a long search, E reached an agreement with Transmodern Media for the development of a cutting edge website at a reasonable price. The end result was well received. The design was modern, yet friendly. The magazine content was featured within an attractive slider section, and placed behind a pay wall for subscriber only access. And a roster of blogs was developed to grow the web audience.